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The Engineering Hub


The Engineering Hub: The most powerful data management tool for Engineers

The Engineering Hub is an Oracle Cloud-based solution for mass data storage and management. Different types of data, including 3D CAD model, 3D point cloud, inspection data, supply chain information, etc. are stored in the cloud in a structured way, and can be re-assessed any time. With the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, it is easy to set the user authorisation to control the access and change of data.


The information stored in the Engineering Hub can be easily visualised to help engineers and data scientists to evaluate any product or system. with machine learning, the data can be utilised to train the AI for trend forecasting and system optimisation.


The data stored in the cloud can be used to train the analysis core for future trend forecasting. The more data is utilised, the smarter the analysis core gets.
Machine Learning finds correlations in the data.



Legacy Data

Taking legacy data and converting it to a new format that can be used in the same way new data is used is the start of the process. Using IT “The Engineering Hub” we have developed a toolset with Oracle that can take all legacy and new (PLM/CRM/Production/Manufacturing) data and ensure it is available to whoever needs it on an App.


This greatly improves productivity, reduces errors and ensures a business has a “Dashboard” of how it is performing. Enhancing existing investments in software, hardware, process and procedures in a LEAN fashion.


Whether your business is a SME or a Global Multinational, it is not fiscally prudent to have resource sitting on the bench awaiting a project to assist with a business problem. That is why more companies are looking to Trusted Advisors or in Solutions Integrators (SI’s) the model GemDT has adopted has taken the best principles from Industry 4.0 and LEAN, and combined them with IT industry best practice.


Advice and Business Support

Advice and business support is only as good as the person giving it, and not always supported by large companies that tell you they know best. In any market there are businesses that like to employ companies and spend big money to be told what they already know or want to hear.


When you are an IT supplier to a business there is potentially weekly or monthly repeat orders, however in the CAD/3D space unless you are manufacturing for a client that is not always possible, so in steps the company that wants to retain a long term relationship with their client or turn a prospect into a client.


GemDT look at the relationship with our clients and prospects as long term, the ability to offer advice on Engineering around Industry 4.0 or how to deploy and IT infrastructure to support a short or medium term project is what we base our business principles on.


Working with a client for both short and long term gain is what we do, our business plan based on acquisition and innovation means we are constantly looking at the Engineering/Manufacturing and IT markets, looking for new technologies that will benefit our clients.


The Solution Integrator Model

The Solution Integrator model is not one for just being a supplier, it is being a business partner, introducing new technologies and processes from GemDT, Partners or introducing companies that have the best product for the requirement.


Relationships today for the future.

Do more with less. The mandate hasn’t changed for manufacturers and construction companies, they must develop more products with increasing complexity to address customer and competitive pressures. Yet, there’s no “give” in project timelines to adopt new technologies like 3D modelling to help them win. However, some manufacturers are not only adopting 3D modelling technology, but excelling at hitting their product development targets at the same time.


This is now possible with both current and legacy data.

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