The Engineering Hub


The Engineering Hub: The most
powerful data management tool for Engineers

The Engineering Hub is an Oracle Cloud based solution for mass data storage and management. Different types of data, including 3D CAD model, 3D point cloud, inspection data, supply chain information, etc. are stored in the cloud in a structured way, and can be re-assessed any time. With the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, it is easy to set the user authorisation to control the access and change of data.

The information stored in the Engineering Hub can be easily visualised to help engineers and data scientists to evaluate any product or system. with machine learning, the data can be utilised to train the AI for trend forecasting and system optimisation.

  • The data stored in the cloud can be used to train the analysis core for future trend forecasting. The more data is utilised, the smarter the analysis core gets.
  • Machine Learning finds correlations in the data.