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GemDT and Holo-One (now Sphere) partner to deliver Mixed Reality solutions for clients

GemDT and Holo-One (now Sphere) partner to deliver Mixed Reality solutions for clients in manufacturing, aerospace, automotive and defence. Holo-One (Now Sphere) has partnered with Gemini Digital Technologies to deliver advanced digital twin services through a Mixed Reality remote support platform to clients in the UK and throughout Europe. GemDT are experts in creating digital twins, realistic and functional 3D renderings of equipment. They specialise in 2D to 3D data conversion, photogrammetry, and asset management tools. Sphere is the tech company behind Sphere Software. Which is industrial-grade remote worker support software for the Magic Leap 1 & 2 and also Microsoft HoloLens, allowing encrypted knowledge transfer even in areas with low-bandwidth. Since officially signing on as a value-added reseller in December 2022, this collaboration has resulted in the deployment of multiple Sphere enabled Magic Leap 1 & 2 units, leveraging GemDT facilitated digital twins, into a tier-one transportation and aerospace manufacturing organisations along with other opportunities. The integration and application of this content are one of the key steps in the adoption of mixed reality technologies. “The partnership between Sphere and GemDT helps our clients accelerate their adoption of mixed reality. Together we provide a complete solution and as such the sum of our partnership is greater than the individual parts, “GemDT are delighted to be working with Sphere, their leading-edge technology assists with our strategy to deliver to our clients, best in class products to deliver the Digital Twin,” said Steve Evans, Sales Manager at GemDT.

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