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XR Solutions

We partner with the leading XR device and software companies to offer a complete solution.

Our XR Solutions

GemDT offer consultative approach to implementing XR solutions, offering a wide range of leading Virtual, Mixed, Augmented and Assisted Reality (XR) devices and software, we are uniquely positioned to help customers on their XR journey. Focusing on the use-case and the measurement of success, we use our 10+ years of experience in delivering enterprise XR for customers to select the right solutions that will deliver meaningful impact. We partner with the leading XR device and software companies to offer a complete solution and offer consultancy days that cover “the art of the possible” to refining existing XR implementations.

Connected Worker

From remote onsite support, to work instructions and sign-off, today’s workforce can use XR to enhance their skills and increase productivity in the workplace.

XR Trainer

Accelerate training using XR solutions, onsite or remote, XR offers faster ways to train, and has proven to retain information better than conventional methods.

Immersive Designer

Collaborating with remote colleagues in a design review, presenting new ideas internally and to customers, solving complex 3D problems have all proven beneficial in XR.

From connecting workers with service information in the field or work instructions on the shop floor to training teams on new equipment or presenting designs collaboratively to internal teams or customers, XR has been a proven benefit to many customers; contact us today to learn how our experts can help.

Our XR Partners