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Automatic Blade Inspection

WE PROVIDE AN INNOVATIVE AUTOMATIC BLADE INSPECTION SOLUTION BASED ON HIGH PRECISION PHOTOGRAMMETRY TECHNOLOGY   Fatigue cracking of blades is a common problem in turbine engines. It is essential to inspect all the blades in maintenance. However, due to the large number of blades and the long time cost for an inspection of a single […]

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hanger of the future

Hangar of the Future

HANGAR OF THE FUTURE (HoF) DIGITISING AND AUTOMATING MAINTENANCE ACTIVITIES TO INCREASE THE OVERALL MAINTENANCE PROCESS EFFICIENCY. Airbus defines the Hangar of the Future as “combining the use of innovative technologies and smart IOT (Internet of Things) connected equipment such as COBOTS (collaborative robots), drones, scanners, cameras, non-destructive sensors, with aircraft technical documentation and in-service

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The Engineering Hub

IT SOLUTIONS WORKING FOR ENGINEERS The Engineering Hub: The most powerful data management tool for Engineers The Engineering Hub is an Oracle Cloud-based solution for mass data storage and management. Different types of data, including 3D CAD model, 3D point cloud, inspection data, supply chain information, etc. are stored in the cloud in a structured

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