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MRO in Aviation


What is MRO?

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) includes aviation, automotive, engineering, marine and many other industries and in this section, we focus on aviation. MRO involves all segments of the planned and unplanned maintenance of aircraft and all of the constituent parts of all aircraft such as engines, electronics, fuselage, helicopter blades etc. This is to ensure that aviation safety is maintained to the standards required by international aviation law.

Gemini Digital Technologies Ltd provides value added services to the aviation industry by way of scanning the aircraft providing multi micron depth photogrammetry of the entire aircraft surface, which shows any and all dents and defects as well as deviations from its factory condition. Our photogrammetry is un-matched in the industry using market leading technology backed by our partnership with Oracle.

Once you have captured highly accurate data, you then have the basis for using that data and making the data work for you.  Having point cloud will enable the 3D to be used in collaboration with departments to devise maintenance tasks, to look at changes from the last scan completed, and then look at using tools like Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The ability to share data with Designers, OEM;s Engineers and Subject Matter Experts in 3D enhances the process, reducing time, cost and most of all, reduce the aircraft TOG.

Its all about the data

The GemDT Engineering Hub in conjunction with Oracle allows businesses to manage key data in the workflow of a MRO task, this data can be legacy, or can be current. Within the workflow the user can be assigned a task and the Data Hub will manage that task through a workflow designed by the client. The data can be on a Tablet, Wearables like PPC Head ware. The ability to steam task data, Technical Publications and other useful data to an assigned task, reduces errors and dramatically improves tasks.

MRO Consulting

Our consultants work with clients to understand the requirements and tailor solutions to meet client’s needs. We have many years’ experience of MRO solutions and working with our partners at Oracle we develop scalable projects for clients’ needs.

On-Going Support

Our MRO solutions will be supported by our helpdesk team ensuring problems are resolved through our agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) giving clients peace of mind through 24/7 assured support.

Contact us

If you have any questions call 01889 441259 and ask for one of the MRO Consulting team.

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