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Design To Prototype to Manufacture

We work with clients to take legacy products and new ideas & turn them into 3D and empower the Digital Twin

Having a new product, or a legacy product and taking it to market is not always easy for a company. Resource, time and business as usual can stand in the way of progress.

The ability to work with ideas, design them and turn them into a prototype can be a costly and time consuming process.

GemDT works with clients to take legacy products and new ideas and turn them into reality, working with UK Catapult centres like The MTC and The AMRC allows our clients to look at how products can be brought to market.  Using tools like CapVidia for Model Based Definition (MBD) we enable clients to simulate inspection and manufacturing before a product starts its real life journey.

Looking at new ways of manufacturing, utilising Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) or conventional 3D CAD for screen review is what GemDT consultants can assist with on this complex journey.

Looking not just at the product today, but into the future enables clients to look at today’s ideas and how to monetise them in the future.

Looking at servicing a product cost effectively, next generation derivatives and service and support options, give powerful return on investment.

Working with design, manufacturing engineering or the managing director of a company, our consultants enable joined up thinking and taking that joined up thinking into the IT space.

Design and attribute data have a life cycle, reducing the reliance on paper is a key driver for GemDT, adopting best GemDT practices and the best IT environment enables clients to enhance their product or service to their clients.

Let a GemDT consultant help you with your ideas or reinvigorating an existing product.

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