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We deliver the Digital Twin. Our technologies and solutions help companies of all sizes to migrate and utilise their valuable legacy data, inspect and track the products through the whole life cycle, and manage all the data in a smart way. Without the need of changing any existing system, we provide all the tools to revolutionise your current PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system.

Engineering Hub

Built in the Oracle Cloud, The Engineering Hub is a powerful tool to store and manage large amounts of data, and allows global access to the up-to-date information of the Digital Twin. The analytic core can gather and organise the data, learn from the lifecycles of the Digital Twin and provide forecasts and suggestions.


The high precision photogrammetry technology is the most powerful tool to create the digital replica (“the Digital Twin”) of a physical part. The accuracy of the photogrammetry technology we use is up to 2 microns, and it’s also faster and more flexible compared with traditional inspection methods.


With our knowledge and experience in reverse engineering, we provide services to auto-scan the valuable legacy 2D engineering drawings and convert them to 3D CAD models.



Blade Inspection

Combining photogrammetry and robotics, we offer the complete solution of automated blade inspection for turbine engines. Our method is in average 90% more time efficient compared with traditional ways.


Hanger of the future

Our vision of the Hangar of the Future is to inspect the whole aircraft whenever the aircraft goes into the hangar for servicing, and keep the whole records of the Digital Twin for automatic defect detection. The solutions are the comprehensive applications of photogrammetry and the Engineering Hub.

Mixed reality

Combining Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), we provide the most innovative and visualised user interface for engineers to efficiently inspect and analyse the products.


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