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1st Smart Bench Installed

GemDT installed the first “No Fault Forward” Smart Bench into an Aerospace client. The Smart bench includes Workflow Software, Panasonic Projection, Keyance Machine Vision Sensor, IoT Sensor, and the ability to add RFID and Tooling at a later date.

The bench will assist operators with Work Flowed tasks, projected virtual fixtures, projected images, and video also including “Go/No Go” visual or spoken instructions.

The Workflow on a Dell Touchscreen PC will assist engineers to ensure that they have the correct parts for the task, correct labels, and when assembling the product, ensure the labels are in the correct location and orientation, it will also ensure that part marking is in the correct location.

The deployment of the Smart Bench to assist engineers will ensure all products are assembled correctly by using highly accurate Machine Vision sensors from Keyance. The workflow software will not allow an engineer to move to the next step if there is an error in assembly.

The reporting tool integrated into the software will give the business a dashboard on all workstations, enable managers to use data to assist with training, and also ensure run rate can be monitored.

Phase II will link the system to SAP and ensure that the task is automated from end to end, with the additional benefit of including reports and pictures if required on dispatch notes to the end user. We will also look to offer Assisted Reality from RealWear and Augmented Reality from Magic Leap to offer fully hands-free operation.

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