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Experience better collaboration, closed-loop quality, and concurrent manufacturing.

  • Rapidly develop role- and task-based apps: ThingWorx Navigate 9.0 enables customers to build their own unique custom apps, leveraging a rapid app development environment with reusable components. Experience eight times faster time-to-value for building a new custom app, down from three and a half months to under two weeks.
  • Implement closed-loop quality: System integration delivers proof of traceability for finding and fixing problems early. This capability is delivered through tight OSLC integration with the PTC toolchain and third-party requirements management tools (i.e. IBM Doors Next Gen).
  • Visually manage critical to quality (CTQ) characteristics: Creo View 7, embedded in PTC’s product lifecycle management software, provides visual comparisons based on process manufacturing information (PMI) created through model-based definition (MBD) practices. By allowing users to identify changes in the view states captured in the CAD design, Windchill can now enable better management of CTQ characteristics.
  • Support concurrent engineering with the factory: Bill of material (BOM) transformation tools enable manufacturing engineers to quickly view and reconcile upstream changes to downstream manufacturing and plant-specific BOMs.

Creo design packages provide comprehensive 3D software that you can expand and upgrade at any time to meet the changing demands of your engineering and business requirements.

Download the Creo Design Packages Overview brochure to understand how our packages are structured.

PTC Case Studies

Windchill Expert Packages

Three Powerful Packages  – A Single PLM Platform

Lay the foundation for a smart, connected enterprise with Windchill. Expand your capabilities and value with comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality available on-premises or in the PTC cloud.

For users who create, share, and manage product data, as well as define, initiate, and/or participate in core PLM business and/or administrative processes.

Use Cases Supported

  • Single view to version and access-controlled data
  • Project planning and execution with milestones and deliverables
  • Internal and external collaboration with controlled spaces and offline packages
  • Simple to complex changes supporting industry best practices and tailorable automated workflows
  • Review and markup of product data
  • Business systems integration
  • Document management and collaboration

To securely manage product configurations at scale, users can create and edit engineering BOM’s, manage product configurations, and/or relate product information to the BOM.

Use Cases Supported – Windchill Base Package functionality, plus

  • Digital product definition with engineering BOM management
  • Traceability of product data (CAD, documents, BOM)
  • Basic product variant management (O&V)
  • Secure collaboration using labels (ITAR, Company Confidential) and agreements (TAA, Confidentiality Agreement)
  • Support for design reuse – “save as” with links, etc.
  • Support for top down and/or bottom up product development

To manage and embrace product and organizational complexity, users can perform value-add part operations such as component classification for re-use, AVL/AML, and creation of associative downstream BOMs for manufacturing and service.

Use Cases Supported – Windchill Base and Advanced Package functionality, plus:

  • Component classification and re-use
  • Identify and promote preferred suppliers and components (AVL/AML)
  • Digital traceability between engineering and downstream product data (manufacturing, service)
  • Cross discipline change management

Windchill Add-Ons

Role-Based Add-Ons
  • Mechanical Designers – Reduce time searching for existing designs, working from outdated information, or overwriting newer versions of the data. With Windchill MCAD Data Management, you can embed Windchill capabilities into Creo or other third party MCAD tools (Solidworks, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Mech, AutoCAD Elect, Inventor, NX, CATIA V5, CATIA 3D Experience) for secure, concurrent data sharing that is fully integrated with downstream PLM processes.
  • Configuration Managers – Create and manage modular product families and advanced business logic with Windchill’s Platform Structure Management. Generate variants for design verification and visualization.

Quality and Compliance Managers – Improve product quality, shorten the time from failure to fix, and reduce costs with cross-functional transparency and automated compliance built into Windchill’s Quality Management System (QMS). Part centric, pre-configured ISO processes include document control with integral training tracking, internal and supplier auditing, and a regulatory hub for submissions by geography. Integrated and highly configurable workflow for tracking and resolving product and process non-conformances, capturing customer feedback including customer reported nonconformances, and corrective and preventive actions/change management are also provided.

Reliability Engineers – Design with quality leveraging Windchill Risk and Reliability tools that are all integrated with change and configuration management capabilities. Calculate reliability early (prediction, RBD, Markov, lifecycle cost), plan and assess risk for service needs (FTA, FMEA/Product or Process, MSG-3, Maintainability), and analyze failure data to improve product reliability (FRACAS, ALT, Weibull).

Manufacturing Engineers – Accelerate time to industrialization and improve collaboration with product designers leveraging Windchill’s Manufacturing Process Plans and Instructions. Create and manage digital process plans, manufacturing resources, and standards. Use light weight graphics from CAD data to dynamically generate visual work instructions, with associativity.

Service Engineers/Operations – Improve accuracy, accessibility, and usability of service and parts information to drive down costs with Windchill’s Service Parts Information and Instructions. Define and manage information and publication structures by applying a set of conditions to create configuration specific catalogs. Create interactive illustrations from parts lists generated from service bill of materials (SBOM) (requires Creo Illustrate).

Software and System Engineers – Manage embedded software and mechanical aspects of the product with a well-integrated PLM and ALM system. Windchill SSE applications include requirements and test management, source code management, model-based systems engineering, and extended change management all with linking and tracing to the part structures in Windchill.

Industry Based Add-Ons

Overcome Industry-Centric Challenges and Everyday Business Pressures

To improve product quality and reduced regulatory overhead, Windchill’s Medical Device Suite (MDS) and SaaS offerings come pre-configured with ISO 13485 quality management processes. These processes can also be extended to meet additional customer specific needs.

For configuration management of large and complex product structures, Windchill’s Aerospace and Defense Module (WADM) has specific data management features and enhanced package capabilities using contract data requirements lists (CDRLs), subcontract data requirements lists (SDRLs), and the ability to specify Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) codes for objects, and unincorporated changes (hanging changes).

Learn how PLM SaaS is the backbone of digital transformation in Aerospace and Defense.

To deliver innovative products on-time, on-trend, and on-cost, Windchill’s FlexPLM enables retail, fashion, footwear and apparel companies to manage the entire product development process. From assortment planning to design, to full specification development, to sourcing and costing, and pre-order confirmation.

Windchill Non-Expert Packages

Simplified, Job Specific Apps

With little or no training, non-expert packages, branded as ThingWorx Navigate, facilitate online collaboration through features that enable users to review, approve, comment, and provide feedback. By combining data from multiple enterprise systems, users will see all product information in the context of their role to support their jobs and decisions. PTC offers three types of non-expert packages that provide seamless connectivity with Windchill:

Users can view and measure in 3D, view design files, drawings, parts properties, parts lists, part structures, documents, document structures, and download drawing bundles.

Users can list, search, and sort change request review and approval tasks. They can view change request details and approve/reject or re-assign change requests

Users can leverage reusable components to rapidly build applications. They can customize OOTB ThingWorx Navigate apps and build their own unique apps. Or develop apps that combine connectors to retrieve, display and update data from PLM and other enterprise systems.