Weiss AG

Maximise the potential of your digitalised assets.

Weiss AG

Weiss AG help develop, manufacture and distribute superior solutions for the digital imaging and visualisation market worldwide.
Expertiese with customers in 10 countries worldwide:

360° technologies (Civetta)
3D technologies (Megascops and I-DETIC)
Database applications (VAM)



Civetta enables fast automatic capturing of 230 megapixels HDR panorama image for your scene.

Weiss AG Civetta in use

Proven quality
Simple clicks
Reliable result

Weiss AG develops simple, high-quality professional solutions for images capturing and 3D reconstruction. Its photogrammetry camera is suitable for people across many different industries.

Standalone capturing camera for 3D RGB point cloud and mesh reconstruction, with minimum or no prior training required.

Civetta can produce both 360 x 180° VR tour and 3D models for your reality capture and digital twins productions.

Civetta Camera


Digital Twins

This IP 68 protected model is suitable for indoor and outdoor scenes and harsh environments to achieve high resolution and high quality full-colour 3D point clouds, 3D models and orthophotos.


Produce your digital twins in any circumstances, including extreme environments.

The I-Detic is a high-resolution 3D scanner in a plug and play solution. This industrial grade scanner is designed to capture areas, objects and scenes in a handheld, tripod-based or robot-based operation.

Weiss AG Idetic capture


Photometric 3D station

Perfect solution for institutions or entities with no prior training in 3D reconstruction.

Automatic capturing of all type of objects within 90 seconds.

Megascope closed

The megascope is the latest version of an automated photometric 3D capturing station for all kind of 3D objects. By applying a combination of capturing processes high-res 3D models of objects with the closed texture of all sides are created.

With <= +-2mm accuracy and 192 viewing positions at all angle.

Megascope open


Visual Asset Management

By simple drag and drop operation all digital assets can be visually linked one to each other and referenced on maps. Thus, complex projects can be realized fast, stable and reliable

  • laser scan data distribution
  • 360° photogrammetry
  • Crime scene and traffic accident documentation
  • Fire and explosion documentation
  • Facility management
  • Construction site documentation
  • Safety and Security planning