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Vuforia Instruct accelerates and simplifies the creation and delivery of augmented 3D work instructions to frontline workers to optimize inspections for quality and field maintenance use cases.

Augmented reality (AR) work instructions reduce the errors associated with traditional training and instruction methods. They also provide an opportunity to capture input related to specific procedures that can easily be shared for traceability and process improvement.

Fast, Easy Authoring

Vuforia Instruct’s secure, web-based workspace is accessible anytime, anywhere. It allows authors to easily create step-by-step, contextual instructions—significantly reducing many of the steps normally required when building AR content.

Optimized Procedure Execution

The delivery application helps employees conduct inspections efficiently by clearly communicating what’s wrong (or right) in the easiest, most accurate way and enables real-time data capture for traceability.

Integrated Reporting and Analysis

A built-in portal enables key stakeholders to stay in sync with usage activity from the shop floor or the field, ensuring traceability for audit and compliance purposes and driving continuous improvement.

Leverage CAD Investment

Extend the value of 3D CAD to the front line through informative and easy-to-understand procedures—anchored to the physical product—eliminating the need for guesswork or interpretation.

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VUFORIA Expert Capture

Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest and easiest way to document and share your expert employees’ years of knowledge with your broader workforce. With Vuforia Expert Capture, your tenured experts can capture step-by-step procedures and best practices as they work and then transform those insights into reusable process documents, job aids, and training materials.

Improve set up and changeover, streamline equipment assembly and maintenance, and modernize employee training with Expert Capture’s digital, augmented reality-based work instructions.

Increase production throughput

Provide your frontline workers with in-context, AR-powered instructions that improve the accuracy of their work and ensure that your production line continues to run at optimal levels.

Boost employee productivity

Provide your frontline workers with in-context, AR-powered instructions that improve the accuracy of their work and ensure that your production line continues to run at optimal levels.

Improve safety and compliance

Providing the best-practices of your experts to your broader workforce, while also enabling digital traceability, helps guarantee that procedures are being completed in compliance of safety standards and regulations.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce costly in-person onboarding and training and improve your new employees’ time to productivity with more effective digital training tactics and on-the-job AR-enabled guidance.

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Vuforia Studio can transform your existing CAD and IoT data into detailed AR experiences that provide critical information to front-line workers when and where they need it most. Realize the value of 3D AR training, instructions and visualizations for:

• Increasing worker productivity and satisfaction
• Reducing the cost of errors, waste and accidents
• Improving customer experiences and competitive advantage

Accelerate Complex Instructions

Repurpose existing 3D CAD data and animated sequences to build intuitive assembly, inspection, service and operating instructions.

Visualize IoT Data

Efficiently integrate sensor and contextualized IoT data from the ThingWorx platform and enterprise system data. Inject AR experiences with actionable insights.

Streamline Enterprise Scalability

Distribute enterprise-wide AR content via a single viewer application on your preferred mobile device or headset (Realwear and HoloLens 1 & 2)

Enrich User Experiences

Leverage innovative tracking methods for faster target identification, precise digital overlays and placing 3D virtual products into real-world environments.

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Vuforia Engine offers the advanced technology needed for companies to differentiate the way they sell and market. Build engaging 3D product demonstrations, interactive brand campaigns, or create applications for customers to view and personalize products in their own homes. Augmented reality connects people to products through experiences that drive revenue and brand recognition.


Enable robust and precise AR experiences in a variety of environments with Vuforia Engine’s leading computer vision technology.


Create branded AR experiences for new or existing applications both natively and on leading development platforms.


Reach the largest possible audience with the widest range of supported AR devices, phones, and tablets across IOS, Android, and Windows 10.


Harness dynamic recognition that can target images, 3D objects, and environments to provide development flexibility.

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Discover augmented reality-based remote assistance and quickly scale problem-solving guidance, support, and expertise to your factory operations and service teams. Vuforia Chalk combines advanced AR collaboration tools with real-time video communications to connect a field technician with an expert so that they can both see and discuss the situation at hand. Technicians and experts can draw digital annotations on a mobile screen or desktop that accurately stick to 3D physical objects in the real world, allowing the expert to guide the technician through a process, step-by-step.


Fix, repair, and resolve issues more quickly by enabling frontline workers with real-time AR support from your most experienced team members. Eliminate unnecessary travel costs and costs associated with repeat visits.


Reduce downtime and accelerate problem resolution by connecting your field technicians and customers to experts who can guide and mentor them through troubleshooting and repair processes.


Keep field technicians safe as they maintain hazardous machinery and work environments by enabling experts to mark up a technician’s live view with callouts pointing to specific details, dangers, or steps to take to avoid errors and accidents.


Reduce customer downtime by empowering your customers to resolve on-site issues themselves. Connect your customers directly with the expert help they need to troubleshoot and resolve issues, fast.

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Vuforia Spatial Toolbox

Use Vuforia Spatial Toolbox to create, innovate, and solve complex spatial problems in a whole new way:

  • Develop interfaces that facilitate spatial hardware programming.
  • Connect and bridge the programming of complex machines in-situ.
  • Simplify operation and control of Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs).
Spatial Tools

Drag and drop pre-programmed elements like sliders, graphs, analytics or programming buttons to interact spatially with machines and systems.

Spatial Programming

Leverage the spatial programming tools or nodes with attached logic, to interact with the way the machine is programmed and make modifications if corrective action is needed.

Spatial Robotic UIs

Program or reprogram the motion or behavior of robotics to ensure the proper action is being performed.

vuforia spatial toolbox