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Connects global workforce and enables frontline workers to get assistance from an expert remotely. Frontline Workers can easily connect with remote experts in real-time, from anywhere, using optimized video collaboration applications

Digital Workflow solutions provide visual instructions, checklists, data entry, and visual documentation of completed steps while on the go. Our assisted reality devices enable digital workflow to reach workers when and where they need it—improving productivity and reducing operational errors.

The RealWear assisted reality devices are equipped with a high-definition camera for capturing photos and videos in hard-to-reach places like tunnels, towers, or behind large machinery and equipment. Frontline workers can leverage the devices for hands-free verification and visual documentation.

Real-time data access that is needed when operating, inspecting, or maintaining equipment. Industrial IoT solutions with our assisted reality devices provide operators the real-time data they need when operating, inspecting, or maintaining equipment.

Viewing documents on the RealWear devices enables your workforce to view technical manuals and any other documents without needing to hold them in your hands. Using reference documents with eyes forward and hands-free improves productivity and safety.