Photogrammetry Inspection



Photogrammetry is a fast and accurate means of capturing inspection data without the need for elaborate coating methods, powders or specially treated surfaces. Minimal programming is required, and the solutions are scalable using the same cameras and software.


Our Photogrammetry systems are accurate up to 2 microns. This is a scalable solution used for this level of accuracy on compressor blades for dimensions as well as damage and defects, to larger objects as required. Ultimately, the process is scalable as required, with current scanning of rock faces of over 2 miles examined for potential hazards and defects.

Enabling the Digital Twin

Photogrammetry allows the inspection of the whole item, giving point cloud data for analysis and full comparison against nominal CAD. This can all be tracked throughout the life of a product or component in a digital environment, giving an accurate at any time digital copy, the ‘Digital Twin’. For example, with compressor blades the elliptical edge can be tracked and any damage or defects detected and recorded.


Gigascan Photogrammetry Solution

Gigascan photogrammetry software is the market leader. Developed in Canada, Sweden and the UK, the algorithms for data processing and calibration give Gigascan unparalleled accuracy in detailed scans, with 2 microns being the usual small scale limit. However the results and methods are scalable up to large objects, vehicles, aircraft and even mountain ranges.

Gigascan for Inspection

Gigascan can be used in a controlled environment with exceedingly high levels of accuracy. Varied inspection surfaces – dark, shiny, reflective – can be scanned and calibrated without the need for added coatings. Use of 35mm DLSR cameras from Canon – the world’s biggest manufacturer, allows this level of accuracy. As a Canon partner GemDT are able to utilise the most advanced camera technology in pursuit of excellence.

Data Managment of Inspection Data

The utilisation and management of the data collected is pivotal to the process: without it all that has been achieved is a perfect picture. In conjunction with Oracle GemDT has perfected ‘The Engineering Hub’ to manage collected data to produce a desired outcome. Data can be stored in a cloud (SaaS) or in an on-premises solution managing Photogrammetry, white light, CMM and/or manual inspection data. Using the Engineering Hub it is possible to utilise data in-house, or in the supply chain, to monitor inspection data. This allows informed business decisions based upon uniform quality data, rather than reliance on ad-hoc inspection from uncalibrated inspection devices.


Scania Engine Block raw scan data, 2 microns accuracy using Canon 35mm Cameras and GigaScan software