Magic Leap

Augmented reality platform for Enterprise | Magic Leap

A lightweight, wearable computer to enhance productivity.

Enable innovation, improve output, and increase ROI. Enterprise-ready solutions on Magic Leap 1 arm your employees with tools to augment and enhance their skills.

Empower employees

Get expert remote assistance to professionals, frontline workers, and field technicians anytime they need it. Hands-free capture and live streaming keeps workers engaged and focused on task completion.

Transform training

Convert inefficient paper processes to digital documentation that can be shared with workers instantly and updated regularly. Track results, improve performance, and cut down on costly errors.

At world-scale

The workplace of the (near) future is intelligent and connected. Remote collaboration and 3D visualization will combine with real-world understanding, the AR cloud, and increased connectivity to deliver information and experience right where your business needs it to be, at any scale.