Auto Scan Legacy Drawing


Auto-Scan Legacy Drawing Service

GemDT augmented reality virtual reality big data solutions assist companies that have been manufacturing products will have valuable data, this will be the companies IP and will differentiate them from their competition.

This data will be new and legacy, but it is all important as it is the life blood of the business.

GemDT recognise this as a business issue, with years of experience in IT, MCAD and Architectural CAD we have seen clients no recognise the importance of data, and making that data work for them.

Having legacy data and current data working together is not the impossible, whether you are manufacturing a plane, a PC or a new office block, legacy data is valuable to your project.

Working with Oracle for over 10 years we have solutions that will ensure all data legacy and current can be exploited to ensure your business keeps one step ahead of the competition.

GemDT mixed reality and big data solutions give a end to end business solution for businesses that want to embrace the latest innovative business solutions.

Legacy Scanning of Drawings

Our site based Program Managers have experience of working on secure client site security cleared and Health & Safety trained.

Working with end users to understand their internal processes and procedures and ensure all the staff they manage perform to the highest standard.

Working with the engineers or design team the Program Managers will asses the requirement, teach Auto-Scan what data to pick up from the scan, what to ignore and through the workflow where to send the data, i.e. PLM/EDM or store a PDF in the GemDT SharePoint Cloud

Legacy Scanning of Components

Lots of companies and people have products they no longer have drawings/CAD or stock off. Taking the skills GemDT have in reverse engineering and using the latest photogrammetry solutions, we can reverse engineer components from 2mm to over 75 meters.