PTC Arbortext

Creating, managing, and delivering content in an efficient way

Arbortext Create, Manage, and Deliver Solution for Technical Publications and Parts Catalog

The end-to-end capability and digital thread intelligence of the Arbortext/PTC Windchill combination provides organizations with a new certainty and simplicity of managing the complex content and business needs required to serve international manufacturers.

Make It Simple. Make it Smart.


  • Automatically update content in conjunction with product development changes and stay connected to engineering data
  • Reuse and leverage content with XML authoring
  • Support effective translation management
  • Enable efficient, parallel content creation and editing
  • Achieve more efficient task assignment, routing, and authoring collaboration



  • Manage technical content originating from multiple sources
  • Be included in the change process when content needs updating
  • Leverage CAD and facility information for quicker delivery and content development
  • Enable a more efficient review process
  • Reduce manual workflows and non-value-added tasks



  • Cost-effectively deliver up-to-date documentation to customers and service personnel
  • Reduce operational costs of service information delivery
  • Use automated publishing to reduce labor costs and the need for multiple manual applications
  • Enable engineering changes to be more efficiently integrated into product information to maintain up-to-date publications

Arbortext data sheets

End-to-end, the Arbortext suite gives you the full control over XML content that your value chain needs to maximize efficiency and reduce operational costs. Ensure a digital thread exists between the source of truth for every product (your engineering data) and your field service technicians with a content enablement system capable of facilitating the deployment of a huge range of media, translated and delivered in real time.

Explore these data sheets to learn more about our solutions for real-time validation, automatic publishing, task-based graphical content, streamlined change management, and more.

Enable the authoring of structured content with real-time validation

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An innovative stylesheet tool that enables designers to configure stylesheets for automatic publishing of structured content.

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Produce high-quality illustrations and animations rapidly with real-time CAD data.

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Couples data to deliver task-based graphical content specific to product configurations, supporting formats from hard copy to augmented reality.

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Automate the publishing of layout-intensive documents with professional, high-quality output.

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Manage content-specific service information to facilitate information reuse, streamline change management, and enable delivery of configuration-based technical publications.

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A server-based system that manages content flow and delivers high-quality, consistent product and service information throughout the product lifecycle.

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Access updated, configuration-specific documents and parts information for your users.

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