nTopology – Computational modelling platform for design, simulation, and advanced Manufacturing

Almost every physical object in the world starts in engineering software. nTopology’s breakthrough computational engineering environment seamlessly combines synthesised geometry and simulation results into finely tuned manufacturing models.
Legacy engineering software was not built to solve today’s problems.
“nTop Platform packages engineering knowledge into reliable & reusable workflows integrated with existing tools”.
  1. High performance, unbreakable geometry
  2. Field-driven approach unifies design, simulation, manufacturing knowledge
  3. Reusable engineering workflows integrated into engineering toolchain enabling automation
Additive is being used more now within Automotive. Innovating on tomorrow’s products is key to staying ahead of your competitors.
nTop Platform provides a solution for design and  engineering teams to leverage additive for production, tooling and design iteration. Reduce communication bottlenecks, perform a greater number of part studies in less time, and design tomorrow’s products that are lighter and higher performance.
Leaders across industries are using nTop Platform to gain a competitive advantage utilising advanced manufacturing processes.
Lightweight parts, irate design faster and enable additive manufacture application.
Enable engineers to design and ship the highest performing products in the least amount of time.
SAVE TIME AND MONEY Faster design cycles, faster manufacturing, better data management and less hand off between different teams.
For more information please contact: sales@gemdt.co.uk 

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