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Manufacturing tooling, jigs and fixtures can be the key to success to producing real gains in productivity and quality. Understanding the importance of tooling, jigs and fixtures validation in the manufacturing space and having a creative and innovative a simple and robust approach to manufacturing problem is crucial.
Delivering solutions that best meets the sometime bespoke requirements of clients, focusing on scale, environment, tolerances, materials and access.
Benefits of using Photogrammetry for metrology
  • Material independent – 3D Scanning of all types of reflective materials
  • Adaptive scanning range and view – Instant 3D capture of any object any size
  • Processing automation
  • Inspection – full 3D inspection of any part or product – all sizes, all materials.

GigaScan Photogrammetry solutions allows edges to be captured
Integrating GigaScan photogrammetry into Laser cutting systems enabling component to be located in the fixture
Our aim is to provide solutions and technical support services for our clients and to assist them achieve greater productivity and ultimately return on investment.
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